Tutorial –1: Energy for Remote Communities:
Small Scale Biomass Fueled Combined Heat and Power

Andre Mech

Date: June 1, 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM


This hour long presentation/tutorial shall show the basics of Biomass Fueled Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems and outline typical applications.  A discussion of the environmental, financial, waste reduction and greenhouse gas improvements of Biomass Fueled CHP systems that culminate in their overwhelmingly positive social benefits will be addressed.  Specific case studies will be presented including local behind the meter, distributed Feed-In-Tariff and austere and isolated remote community installation, to demonstrate the cumulative socioeconomic benefits of Biomass Fueled CHP.  Attendees will be requested to go through simple exercises and calculations that illuminate typical thought processes used to evaluate potential CHP opportunities and to reinforce key learning points.  Exercise sheets may be used as a template to evaluate CHP opportunities at a later date.

Who Should Attend

  • Municipal Waste Managers
  • Remote Community Managers
  • Municipal Infrastructure Managers
  • Municipal Power Corporation Employees
  • Forest Industry Managers
  • Wood Product Manufacturers
  • Disaster Response Managers
  • Instructors
  • Academics
  • Graduate Students
  • Undergraduate Students

Andre Mech, Principal, MECH Power Corporation 

Andre Mech is the founder of MECH and ASSOCIATES, a firm that has conducted energy efficiency and emission reduction projects for over 14 years in North America and Europe.  He is also is currently establishing MECH Power Corporation and is co-owner of a Combined Heat and Power Biomass Energy System Company in Europe.  Andre has appeared as an expert witness to the Senate Standing Committee on Energy the Environment and Natural Resources, a guest on Professionally Speaking TV, a speaker at The Wall Street Green Trading Summit at the New York Times, in the European Parliamentary Year Book and is quoted in print media.  Andre’s work in District Energy and the Commercial Institutional Building Sectors ties in directly with Combined Heat and Power.  A PEng MBA Andre takes every opportunity to promote energy efficiency and the sustainable use of resources and he looks forward to taking attendees through the basics of Combined Heat and Power systems, what to consider and what to look out for.

Tutorial –2: Engineering Ethics

Mohammed Safiuddin

Date: June 1, 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM


Engineers design and develop products and projects that serve the needs of society at large. In today’s technology driven economies, their profession has far reaching impact on people’s lives and the environment. The globalization of markets means that the engineering profession’s impact is far reaching. Practically every product and every complex system designed and produced today, to address society’s needs, also has harmful side effects on humans and the environment. Though “Engineering Codes of Ethics” have been in place for all fields of engineering for decades, the professional engineer now faces a variety of pressures, e.g. internal and external political forces, economic drivers, etc. to compromise them. Therefore, engineers shoulder a major responsibility, as they carry on their duties, to uphold highest standards of ethical integrity combined with “Social Responsibility”.

Starting with a look at the ranking of all professionals according to the latest Gallup Poll, and examples from personal experiences, the seminar presents the following topics.

  • Review of Present Codes of Ethics for Engineers
  • Three Gifts and Working for a living Vs. Service to the society
  • Economic Dominance- People, Planet and Profits
  • Mission Statements of Organizations and Individuals
  • Social Responsibility – Ethical constraints on design optimization
  • Diamond is Forever – So is an engineer

The seminar concludes with some reflections on the current state of ethics and social responsibility in the business world today, and Ralph Emerson’s definition of “Success”.

Dr. Mohammed Safiuddin

66STS International
4248 Ridge Lea Road, Suite #35
Amherst, NY 14226, USA
Tel/Fax: 716 688 2056; Mobile: 716 432 1123
e-mail: stsintl@roadrunner.com


B.E. (Elec.)-1959; Osmania University, India; M.S. (E.E.)- 1960; University of Illinois
M.B.A.- 1971; Ph.D. (Systems)- 1982; University at Buffalo

Fields of Professional Interest:

Application of computer and microprocessor technologies to power conversion and control; Application of optimization techniques to electrical power systems and energy conservation in industrial plants; Technology planning and management

Academic Experience:

Over forty years on a part-time basis;
Research Professor, Advanced Technology Applications, SUNY @ Buffalo (’96-‘10)
Adjunct Associate Professor, SUNY @ Buffalo (’77-91); Adjunct Professor, Texas A&M University (’88-’89)

Teaching of formal undergraduate and graduate courses at junior and senior levels for B.S. degree in both day and evening programs; Supervision of independent study and individual design projects; Graduate research and undergraduate independent study projects; Outside reader and external examiner for Ph.D. dissertations

Teaching at formal and informal workshops and seminars nationally and internationally
Major Advisor to 5 Ph.D. and over 50 M.S./M.Eng. degree candidates

Industrial Experience:

Over fifty years on a full-time basis
President- STS International, Amherst, NY (’85- present)
Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Buffalo, NY (’60-’85)
Design engineering, project engineering, application engineering in the field of industrial control and motor drive systems; Applied research and development engineering; Product planning and strategic planning; International licensing and technology transfer negotiations; Small business management

Professional and Technical Achievements:

Over fifty years
(10) USA patents; (15) Major technical contributions to industry firsts; (18) Journal publications; (17) Unpublished proprietary technical R&D reports and texts for internal use at Westinghouse; (56) Conference paper presentations, invited seminars and guest lectures

Honors & Awards

Roscoe Allen Gold Medal, Osmania University (India), 1957; Pi Mu Epsilon Society, Univ. of Illinois, 1960; Graduate Fellowship, Univ. of Illinois, 1964; Beta Gamma Sigma Society, University at Buffalo, 1971; Invited consultant to Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (India) under United Nation’s Development Program sponsorship (1992); IUSD Award of Merit, IEEE Industry Applications Society, 1992, for contributions to industrial control technologies and excellence of service to the Society; Fellow, IEEE (1993) with citation “For contributions to advanced industrial control systems for processes and electric drives, and for leadership in continuing education”; Elected “Eminent Engineer” member of Tau Beta Pi honor society, at SUNY at Buffalo, for engineering (1993); Meritorious Achievement Award in Continuing Education, IEEE-Educational Activities Board (2000), for exemplary and sustained contributions in continuing education worldwide.