Attention SIGHT members
IHTC 2015 is pleased to announce that the SIGHT “Conference Participation Support Program” application is open for SIGHT volunteers who will be presenting their work at IHTC 2015 in Ottawa, Canada. These four (4) grants of up to USD $750, can be used for partial travel or registration fee expenses.
Proof of paper acceptance or invitation to speak must be sent to Holly Schneider-Brown at:
The goal of this program is to help SIGHT volunteers benefit from peer-review feedback, to learn about new developments in the field and to network with others working in this area. SIGHT volunteers will also gain experience in showing others the delicate task of applying technology to improve the living standards of underserved populations, and encouraging others to increase efforts in IEEE’s “feet on the ground” strategy.

Application Deadline is 11:59 pm local time, Friday, May 8.

For more information, please contact: Alfredo Herrera (, SIGHT local coordinator.

Poster Paper

Maximum Poster Paper Size: 4 ft. x 4 ft..

IEEE PDF eXpress

All conference articles submitted for inclusion in IEEE Xplore must adhere to the IEEE Xplore PDF specification for compatibility. Please click here for more info.

Registration Fees:

IEEE Regular Members1,4 IEEE Student Members1,2 IEEE Life Members1,4 Non-IEEE Members1,4 Non-IEEE Student Members1,3 Extra Pages5 Attendee Companion6
Before May 05, 2015 $450 $200 $200 $540 $250 $100 $250
On and After May 5, 2015 $500 $250 $250 $590 $300 N/A $250
On and After May 24, 2015 $550 $300 $300 $640 $350 N/A $250
One-day Registration $150 $75 $150 $180 $90  N/A $250

 Registration Details:

Type of registration Author and Presenter Proceedings Banquet dinner Workshop Tutorials Key notes Women in Engineering
Full registration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Student/Life Member registration No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Partner No No Yes No No Yes No
One day No No No Yes if run on that day Yes, if run on that day Yes Yes, if run on that day
Patronage Complimentary No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guest banquet No No Yes No No No No

Final submissions can only be uploaded with a full regular registration, and at least one author of each paper must register at regular rate. A maximum of two papers can be uploaded with each full regular registration. All final papers will have to be registered under full regular registration. All papers will have be registered and presented at the conference for the paper to be included in IEEE Explore.

Every attendee will have to be registered and should have paid the appropriate registration fee to attend the conference. Free attendance registration included in the patronage package cannot be used against paper registration.

IEEE members will pay at the member rate. All non-IEEE members will pay at the non-member rates.

The above registration fees includes tutorials and workshops offered by the Conference, tickets for the opening ceremony and banquet dinner, and one proceeding memory stick; each additional memory stick is $50.

A paper is permitted to have 4 pages without extra charge. A $100 excess-page charge should be paid for each extra page. Maximum excess page allowed is two. No paper can exceed the 6 page limit.

Partners of attendees can also register for the conference. Registration for each attendee partner is $200 but DOES NOT include access to the technical portions of the conference. Registered partners can attend the reception, the banquet. Extra guest tickets only for banquet are available at $100 per person. All fees are in Canadian Dollars, and include taxes.

One day registrants can attend only the technical portion of the conference by paying one day registration fees. One day registration does not include proceedings or banquet dinner ticket. One day registration for IEEE members is $150 while one day registration for non-IEEE members is $180. One day registrants who would like to attend the banquet will have to purchase banquet tickets at $100 per person. One day registrations have to pay $50 for the proceedings.

IEEE Life Members will pay IEEE student registration fees to attend the conference and will not be considered as a full regular registration. Life members will pay full regular registration if they are the author of the paper and are the presenters at the conference.


  1. A student registration is not a full regular registration. A student author may take advantage of the reduced student registration rate to fully participate in the conference and present the paper as long as a co-author is attending at the full registration rate.
  2. If both the professor and the student plan to attend the conference and they have a joint paper, the professor will register with a full regular registration and the student will need to register with a student registration. If only the student plans to attend the conference and present the paper, one full regular registration is still required.
  3. In the case where one author has two accepted papers, one regular registration is required. However, only one copy of the proceedings and banquet dinner ticket will be provided. For every full registration, a copy of the proceedings and a banquet dinner ticket will be provided.
  4. Students requiring financial assistance to present their paper and/or attend the Conference can submit a formal request outlining their need along with a letter from their Professor/Supervisor to the Registration Chair at Depending on the number of applications, modest levels of additional support, toward defraying costs of attendance might be possible, but cannot be guaranteed.
  5. All attendees, including partners should produce government provided identification (passport for non-Canadians, driver licence for Canadian participants) at the time of registration.
  6. Any attendee registered at student rate will also have to be present a valid student ID, in addition to government provided identification.
  7. Authors who do not present their papers in the conference will not have their papers included in final IEEE Xplore. Also names of authors who have registered and do not show up for the conference will be notified to IEEE. Authors can present only the papers registered under their name or if they are affiliated to a paper through the authorship.

Cancellation Policy:

Registrations may be cancelled up to and including May 1st, 2015. No refunds will be issued thereafter. Each cancellation is subject to a $50 non-refundable administration fee. The above Cancellation Policy applies only to non-author delegates. There will be no cancellation refunds for authors who have registered for their paper publication in the conference.

Copyright Form and Submission of Accepted Papers:

All accepted papers will be expected to submit an IEEE copyright and consent form before being submitted to IEEE Xplore. No accepted paper without copyright and consent form will be submitted to IEEE Xplore. It is expected that all the accepted papers will be presented in the conference. The no-show papers may not be published in IEEE Xplore.